AZURE VISION aim is to improve the quality of life by facilitating the people access to preferable resources.


 AZURE VISION will combine aggressive strategic marketing with quality products and services at competitive prices to facilitate access to preferable resources for consumers  and provide best values for suppliers, employees and shareholders.


AZURE VISION GROUP , is a dynamic and multi-faceted trading group  established 2104 ,  based in South east ASIA and head Office in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur . AZURE VISION actively involved in Manufacturing,  Procurement , Distribution and Export various Commodities mainly : Bitumen , Base oils , Natural rubber and Polymers .


  1. Integrity: We demonstrate honesty, respect for others and trustworthiness in all we do. We demonstrate ethical behavior in all of our interactions with customers, suppliers and colleagues.
  2. Customer Service: We continuously seek to improve each customer’s experience by listening and striving to exceed our commitments. To achieve premier customer service we must also exceed our customers’ expectations, delight them, and be appreciative of their business and passionate about making them successful.
  3. Accountability: We each take personal responsibility for our commitments, actions and results. We accept ownership, and accept the consequences, of our decisions.
  4. Teamwork: We work together to accelerate Azurevision’s, our customers’ and suppliers’ success. We embrace cooperation, diversity of thought and culture, and we enable team mates by granting and respecting authority and providing resources and support.
  5. Innovation: We adapt to and create change in pursuit of Azurevision’s, our customers’ and suppliers’ success by engaging in entrepreneurial thinking, remaining open to new ideas, looking for ways to improve processes and seeking creative solutions for our customers